The Other Amina Who Died

On Saturday 23rd March Moroccans rallied in Morocco’s capital to demand reforms in it’s rape laws.

The latest victim of Morocco’s rape laws is a 16 year old girl, Amina Filali,who committed suicide after her father said a judge mandated that she marry her alleged rapist — allowing him to stay out of jail.

Amina died suddenly last week in Larache, a city in northwestern Morocco along the Atlantic coast. Her father, Lahcen Filali, told CNN that she was with her new husband when she “fell into street (and) started vomiting.”

The state-run MAP news agency reported that Amina Filali had committed suicide.  The stark nature of her life and death spurred hundreds to turn out for Saturday’s protest in front of the Morocco’s parliament.

Amina’s father told Moroccan newspaper Hona Press that his daughter had ingested rat poison, doing so after her husband had severely beaten her.

The circumstances of her case have triggered outrage in Morocco, especially from women’s rights advocates.

“This girl was (in essence) raped twice, the last when she was married,” government spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi said Thursday, referring to the initial reported rape and the fact she was forced to marry her alleged attacker.

The girl’s father said he “did not want to accept this marriage,” which some have said was pushed in order to protect the family’s honor. But “my wife, my family and the court of the city of Larache” wanted the union to proceed, as it did. “The judge decided he must marry her, and I had no opportunity to refuse the judge’s decision,” the father said. “I wanted to send (the eventual husband) to prison, and have my daughter stay with me until she became (an adult).”

Under Moroccan law, rape is punishable by five to 10 years of prison, with a sentence as long as 20 years if the victim is a minor, pregnant or disabled. But if the victim and the rapist marry, the attacker is no longer liable. In this case, Amina Filali’s husband was never formally charged with rape due to the fact the family signed an agreement in court, according to the girl’s father.

“Through this law, the rape becomes legitimate,” said Fouzia Assouli, president of the Moroccan advocacy group the Federation of the Democratic League for Women’s Rights.

We are hearing about Morocco’s plans to change it’s rape laws but when will this change actually take place?

While the world continues to fight for the safety of Amina Tyler , another Amina has become a victim of barbarity and “honour”.

I say,fuck your honour and fuck your morals.


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