#Amina must remain safe!

Amina Tyler, the 19 year old Tunisian girl who posted topless pictures of herself on the internet for FEMEN Tunisia is facing serious threats to her life. Islamists of Tunisia have threatened her and called for her stoning.

Adel Almi, a prominent Islamic cleric, who told the Tunisian daily, Assabah News, that this young woman, according to Islamic law, deserves between 80 and 100 lashes, but because of the seriousness of her actions, should be stoned to death.

As of Sunday morning 24th March, Amina Tyler has been placed in a psychiatric facility by her parents, who have disowned her, possibly along with the help of the police.

The Facebook page of her organization, FEMEN Tunisia, was hacked by Islamists: “Thanks to God we have hacked this immoral page and the best is to come,” the hackers wrote, “God willing, these dirt will disappear from Tunisia.”

Well, we say fuck your honour and fuck your morals.  Amina must remain safe. She represents every woman out there who chooses to decided what she wants to do with her body. Her body is not,in any way,begging for the approval nod of men with imaginary friends.

Under the Tunisian penal code, Amina can be sentenced to up to six months in prison for distributing her topless photo if someone files a complaint. This is absolutely ridiculous.

On 25th March HuffPost published their story about Amina.

The last update about Amina comes from Filmmaker Caroline Fourest on Maryam Namazie’s blog Let’s Breast Them :

One of the people who kidnapped Amina has been boasting that they did it for “her own good”. It is unclear though whether she has been hospitalised  or held somewhere else. Her phone has been taken from her and communication with her has stopped so  we are no longer in contact with her.

We all must demand that Amina’s safety should be made sure and the people who have threatened her should be prosecuted. Islamists shouldn’t be allowed to dictate and molest the very freedom of expression. It’s Amina’s decision and choice how she wants to express herself and if she wants to do it by posting topless photos of herself then she has every right to do so.

4th April has been named International Day To Defend Amina.

We must all show solidarity with Amina. World Social Forum is being held in Tunis during 23-28 March 2013: Please see that Amina is defended and firm action is taken against people who are threatening her.

Sign this petition for Amina, use the hashtag #Amina on Twitter, Like FEMEN Tunisia Facebook page and “Like” Palestinian blogger Waleed Al-Husseini’s Facebook page Let’s Breast Them – people from all around the globe are showing their support for Amina. She represents us all.

Use the banner I made as your own: BLANK

It’s time to remind Islamists throughout the world that their misogyny will not go unchallenged.


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